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Autori: Di Donato, Giuseppe
Tutor non afferente all'Università: LAZZARINI, SERGIO
Titolo: Persona e diritto nella Spagna visigota. La rielaborazione del pensiero classico sullo status libertatis nell'opera di Isidoro di Siviglia.
Abstract: The research describes the re-elaboration of classical thought on the status personarum in the work of Isidore of Seville, with a specific focus on the status libertatis. After a reconstruction of the context, made by a quick overview both of Visigothic Spain and of the life and works of St. Isidore, from which many legally relevant steps have been selected and translated, the analysis focuses on some basic concepts regarding freedom and slavery. It stresses their evolution, due to the revision that the Bishop of Seville performs according to his Christian faith, as well as the peculiar meaning that he assigns to certain categories, such as those of servi and famuli on one hand and ingenui, liberti and libertine on the other. This is followed by the analysis of some passages that deal with the issues of the status civitatis, in which one can note how, always starting from the data of legal and literary tradition, the Author introduces substantial differences in accordance with his personal outlook on the world. Particularly relevant are both the associative purposes due to which St. Isidore thinks man organizes himself in societies and some key concepts, such as those of populus and plebs, peregrine and alienigena etc. The work ends with a chapter on the status familiae, that highlights the re - interpretation, based on patristics, of the classic models of filiation and adoption. Transversal to the three chapters are the linked concepts of pater, familia and paterfamilias.
Parole chiave: Isidoro, status libertatis, status familiae, etymologiae, Spagna visigota
Data: 2017
Lingua: ita
Corso di dottorato: Storia e Dottrina delle Istituzioni
Ciclo di dottorato: 28
Università di conseguimento titolo: Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
Citazione: Di Donato, G.Persona e diritto nella Spagna visigota. La rielaborazione del pensiero classico sullo status libertatis nell'opera di Isidoro di Siviglia. (Doctoral Thesis, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, 2017).

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