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Autori: Bonetti, Matteo
Tutor interno: HAARDT, FRANCESCO
Tutor non afferente all'Università: BARAUSSE, ENRICO
Titolo: Post-Newtonian evolution of massive black hole triplets in galactic nuclei.
Abstract: Massive black-hole binaries (MBHBs) are thought to be the main source of gravitational waves (GWs) in the low-frequency domain surveyed by Pulsar Timing Array (PTA) campaigns and space-borne missions (LISA). However, many MBHBs in realistic astrophysical environments may not reach separations small enough to allow significant GW emission. This final-parsec problem can be eased by the appearance of a third massive black hole (MBH) whose action can force, under certain conditions, the former MBHB to merge. A detailed assessment of the process requires a general relativistic treatment and the inclusion of environmental effects. In this thesis, I developed a three-body Post-Newtonian (PN) code framed in a galactic potential, including PN terms up to 2.5PN order, orbital hardening and dynamical friction. With the code I performed a vast exploration of the parameter space represented by MBH triplets. I found that a non-negligible fraction (_ 30%) of the otherwise stalled binaries can actually merge because of the perturbation of the third body. By combining these results with a cosmological semi-analytical code of galaxy formation, I drew robust predictions about the nHz stochastic background of GWs, which in the most pessimistic scenario is suppressed by only a factor of two with respect to the standard models in which MBHBs can efficiently merge. This result has important consequences for PTA and implies that a detection of the GW background could be claimed in the near future.
Parole chiave: Black hole physics, galaxies, kinematics and dynamics, gravitation, gravitational waves
Data: 2018
Lingua: ita
Corso di dottorato: Fisica e astrofisica
Ciclo di dottorato: 30
Università di conseguimento titolo: Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
Citazione: Bonetti, M.Post-Newtonian evolution of massive black hole triplets in galactic nuclei. (Doctoral Thesis, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, 2018).

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