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Authors: Boffa, Stefania
Internal Tutor: GERLA, BRUNELLA
Title: Sequences of refinements of rough sets: logical and algebraic aspects
Abstract: In this thesis, a generalization of the classical Rough set theory is developed considering the so-called sequences of orthopairs that we define as special sequences of rough sets. Mainly, our aim is to introduce some operations between sequences of orthopairs, and to discover how to generate them starting from the operations concerning standard rough sets. Also, we prove several representation theorems representing the class of finite centered Kleene algebras with the interpolation property, and some classes of finite residuated lattices (more precisely, we consider Nelson algebras, Nelson lattices, IUML-algebras and Kleene lattice with implication) as sequences of orthopairs. Moreover, as an application, we show that a sequence of orthopairs can be used to represent an examiner's opinion on a number of candidates applying for a job, and we show that opinions of two or more examiners can be combined using operations between sequences of orthopairs in order to get a final decision on each candidate. Finally, we provide the original modal logic SOn with semantics based on sequences of orthopairs, and we employ it to describe the knowledge of an agent that increases over time, as new information is provided. Modal logic Son is characterized by the sequences (□1,…, □n) and (O1,…, On) of n modal operators corresponding to a sequence (t1,…, tn) of consecutive times. Furthermore, the operator □i of (□1,…, □n) represents the knowledge of an agent at time ti, and it coincides with the necessity modal operator of S5 logic. On the other hand, the main innovative aspect of modal logic SOn is the presence of the sequence (O1,…, On), since Oi establishes whether an agent is interested in knowing a given fact at time ti.
Keywords: Rough sets, orthopairs, Kleene algebras, modal logic, epistemic logic
Issue Date: 2018
Language: eng
Doctoral course: Informatica e matematica del calcolo
Academic cycle: 31
Publisher: Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
Citation: Boffa, S.Sequences of refinements of rough sets: logical and algebraic aspects (Doctoral Thesis, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, 2018).

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